Alumni Careers and Employability: Student perceptions of their employability learning in PRL3004
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Alumni Careers and Employability: Student perceptions of their employability learning in PRL3004

The purpose of this project is to understand how students experience career learning at USQ and thus help USQ and its educators to enhance employability for USQ graduates.

Thank you for participating in this survey. We would like to gain an insight into your perceptions about your career learning experiences at USQ and in PRL3004, as well as your thoughts about your own employability and readiness to transition into your career.

Your participation will involve the completion of two surveys and then a very short interview by zoom or phone with some follow up and clarification questions. This is the second survey. It will take around 15 minutes to complete and will ask you about your understandings of employability and how you have used your career learning experiences to enhance your own employability. We thank you for the time you are giving to complete both surveys and then short follow up interview. 

As a thank you for participating, we are offering all students who complete both surveys full and very short follow up interview, a Coles gift voucher. You will be given this voucher at the completion. 

We ask you to be open and frank in your responses. The surveys are in no way linked to your assessment in this course and will not affect your course outcomes - in fact, your lecturer, Dr Chris Kossen will not see the responses to the surveys until they are anonymised by a third-party research assistant. 

All comments and responses will be treated confidentially unless otherwise required by law.

Survey 1 and 2 will be matched by student number and then all identifying information will be deleted. Data will not be re-identifiable. De-identified data collected as a part of this project will be stored securely as per University of Southern Queensland’s Research Data Management policy and may be used for future research.

Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to take part, you are not obliged to. If you decide to take part and later change your mind, you are free to withdraw from the project at any stage. You may also request that any data collected about you be withdrawn and confidentially destroyed.  If you do wish to withdraw from this project or withdraw data collected about you, please contact the Research Team (contact details at the top of this form). Note, that you will be unable to withdraw data collected about yourself after the data has been analysed as it will, at that point, be in a de-identified format. This means it will not be able to be identified back to you.

Your decision whether you take part, do not take part, or to take part and then withdraw, will in no way impact your current or future relationship with your educators or the University of Southern Queensland.

In participating in the surveys and short interview there are no anticipated risks beyond normal day-to-day living. If during the surveys you feel you no longer want to participate, then you can terminate your participation at any time. If after completing the surveys you have any concerns about your study and progress, please seek support from USQ’s student support services. If you have other concerns for which you feel you may want professional help, please call Lifeline support on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

If you have any questions, please contact the research team members Dr Jennifer Luke (; or Mr Michael Howard (; phone 3470 4445).


There are 23 questions in this survey.